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Feeding the Robins

20120117_160303On our half day walks we encounter The New Zealand Robin. Puketi Forest Trust have reduced the Predator numbers to a very low level. The Robin (Petroica ausralis) has restablished itself and is breeding very well. In the video a couple from East Germany are feeding the Robins mealy worms.

Large forest birds.

The Kaka.(Nestor Meridionaus) is a noisy and sociable bird of the forest.They live mostly on New Zealands off shore Islands.Numbers are low.Their call resembles a creaky door,can live up to 20 years.2 species are found  one in the North and one in the South Island. North island has olive-brown plumage,South Island brighter green and crimson [...]

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Update on Robin release

Puketi Forest is continuing to benefit from six years of hard work and generous donations by volunteers and supporters of the Puketi Forest Trust. At the end of October, the first two North Island Robins to have hatched in Puketi in more than a hundred years left the nest. Since then three more young Robins [...]

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