Caledonian Sky Visit

The cruise ship Caledonian Sky  visited the Bay of Islands. This cruise ship visits Natural Wonders of New Zealand. Adventure Puketi had the pleasure of guiding the entire 94 passengers on a hike through the Puketi rainforest. The passengers were thrilled to get up close to the Ancient Kauri Trees.

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What we see on our Hiking Trips

Full day hiking trip Rata flowering   One of our Hiking Trips in the Puketi Forest is a full day walk. Conservation in the forest is really noticeable now. The Northern Rata (Metrosideros robusta) is flowering again. The Rata is a tall tree, up to 25 m  or more tall,which begins its life [...]

Nocturnal insects feeding.

The giant centipede  and cave weta are present at night in the forest. The cave weta lives in dark spaces , in the Puketi forest we find them in the Giant Kauri trees that have been bled for gum. The Centipede usually lives under or in rotten logs. They have large fangs that when bitten can [...]


The Vagrant spider is found throughout New Zealand. There are 20 different species. Some of the species are not scientifically recorded. On our night walks we encounter spiders waiting in their web and actually capturing their prey. Here we have a series of photoes with the Vagrant spider dispatching a Chafer bettle:

Bees in the Forest

Feral Bees are back in the hollow branches in the Kauri Trees. Between the years 2000 and 2006 Varroa mite (Varroa Destructor) was accidently introduced to NZ, the mite decimated the Bee colonies in the forest. HoneyBees (Apis Mellifera) were brought in by the Europeans 1839 to the Hokianga. Native Bees of NZ live in holes [...]

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