Cruise Ships Are Back

Recently we hosted three Cruise ships to the Bay of Islands. The Dawn Princess was followed on the same day as the Sun Princess. The next day the Oosterdam arrived. The Princess line passengers were awed by the size of the Ancient Kauri trees, they age from seedlings to 1200 year old trees. The Oosterdam passengers [...]

Flowers in the Forest

Rewarewa (Knightia excelsa) Rewarewa is found through out the North Island and in the northeast tip of the South Island of New Zealand,mostly in lowland Forests. It forms a tree up to 30 metres tallwith a trunk up to 1 metre or more in diameter. The bark is smooth. The alternate leaves are thick and stiff [...]

Experience Old Growth Forest.

Puketi forest is the only remaining old growth forest ( Ancient Kauri Trees ) within easy driving distance from the Bay of Islands. On our fullday walk you will walk through Ancient Kauri trees Fifty meters tall, with many other ancient plants and tree species. The forest floor has many different mosses,fungi and orchids. The Greenhood [...]

Feeding the Robins

20120117_160303On our half day walks we encounter The New Zealand Robin. Puketi Forest Trust have reduced the Predator numbers to a very low level. The Robin (Petroica ausralis) has restablished itself and is breeding very well. In the video a couple from East Germany are feeding the Robins mealy worms.

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