Flowers in the Forest

Rewrewa (Knightia excelsa)

Rewarewa (Knightia excelsa)

Rewarewa is found through out the North Island and in the northeast tip of the South Island of New Zealand,mostly in lowland Forests.

It forms a tree up to 30 metres tallwith a trunk up to 1 metre or more in diameter.

The bark is smooth.

The alternate leaves are thick and stiff with coarse pointed teeth,10-15 cm long x 2.4-4 cm wide.

The flowers are in dense clusters ,each with 4 red furry petals that coil  into tight spirals.

The fruit is dry and somewhat woody and the seeds are not released until a year later.

The flowers are visited by Tuis and bellbirds for their nectar.

Knightia, restricted to New Zealand, has one species.

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