Night Forest Walk

On twilight listen to the bird song changed from day calls to night calls.
Watch New Zealand Bats flying overhead feed on insects.
On night fall observe the nocturnal wildlife of the New Zealand forest habitat…a Kiwi if you are lucky.

Tour times summer hours October 1st to May 31 st

REVIEW by the New Zealand Herald
If you fancy dreaming of big fat wetas, then take a guided night walk with Adventure Puketi.
We saw dozens of the infamous insects tucked up in sheltered spots on trees and rock walls in the Puketi Forest. The giant carnivorous snails (kauri snails) we encountered are also worthy of nightmares.
I’ve never considered taking a guided bush tour. But having an experienced guide like Ian Candy makes a lot of sense. I never realised, until Candy got his big spotlight out, that we had such large spiders in the New Zealand bush.

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2 hours New Zealand Rainforest Tour
Time: Times will vary on request
Group Size: Minimum 2, Limit 6

NZ$75 per adult
NZ$30 for children under 12
Payment on arrival or prepaid with
accommodation package

What is provided:
Head Lamps

What to bring:
Good walking shoes
Light jacket